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Opening a new LJ...

Wow, another journal of amazing-ness. I was orginally under yosei_chan, but I didn't update that journal for so long I thought it had kind of died... do I started this one :D. Random crap I need to put up to keep you all up to date with my obsessive ways~

I am still obsessing over the PS3...when will you come out DARN YOU?! The PSP was recently released in England, I'm not getting one... or a DS or anything. I've had enough of hand helds, I always friggin' dropped them and broke the screen or lost them in the dark inferno of hell (a.k.a my house).

ELFEN LIED...is love, hence this layout I made. I am completely obsessed darnit. Lucy/Nyuu is hot, and I am damn proud to be her fangirl. SO neeeerrr o.O

Must cosplay and register for Anecom 2006(UK convention) I wanna cosplay as Meroko from Full Moon wo Sagashite O.O

Anime: Kanon (watched first 15 minutes and stopped because I was busy talking to people... not sure so far..), Air (just finished watching it. WTF THE ENDING CONFUZZLED ME. Very sad though ;_; ), Elfen Lied (I have said enough already...), Suzuka (eh... not sure... seems just average, maybe it gets better after the first few episodes)
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